At North Hastings Family Pharmacy it is our vision to help our clients and patients live longer, healthier lives by managing their prescription and non-prescription medications. Your family heath matters to us. Our mission is to provide caring, complete, patient-centered pharmaceutical care and education for our customers. Feel free to drop in or call for free one-on-one friendly advice from one of our qualified Pharmacists. Our staff will assist you in choosing the right products to suit your needs.


We are a Canadian Diabetes Association Community Pharmacy Outreach Program Partner. Our staff are knowledgeable about diabetes and can give you support and advice about managing your diabetes and we have the latest information from the Canadian Diabetes Association.  Read More >

Compression Stockings

We are certified fitters for Sigvaris and Jobst compression stockings and you can be assured that you will receive the correct product to help solve the issues you face with leg vein problems.  Read More >

Family Health

We are here to help you with advice for your entire family. Parenting, family planning and diet are important to young families. Overall health and fitness is one of our goals to help you stay healthy as you get a little older. We can also assist you with information to help you care for your aging relatives.  Read More >


We carry TENA products and no matter what type of incontinence, TENA gives you the protection, comfort and dignity you need to maintain your lifestyle. Trust us for solid advice and discretion when it comes to your incontinence issues. We also offer some free samples to try out. Read More >


About a third of Canadian women are 45 years of age or older – the time when menopause may begin. During and after menopause, women need to pay special attention to factors such as blood pressure control, bone health, and cholesterol levels. At one time estrogen was recommended for menopause symptoms, but other approaches are now preferred. Regardless of age or symptoms, keeping healthy is the goal. Read More>


We carry a wide range of mobility products and can offer you qualified advice to help with your mobility issues.
Read More >

Prescription Drugs

Our experienced, qualified Pharmacists can offer you the advice you need on a one-on-one basis to help you understand the drugs you have been prescribed. Benefits, side effects and complications are some of the things that a qualified Pharmacist can explain to you in detail, so that you fully understand what you are taking. We can also assist you with Dispill, a medication distribution system that is simple, safe and convenient. Read More >

Smoking Cessation

Are you or a family member thinking about quitting? Kathy is a Smoking Cessation Educator, and Nancy has a certificate in QUIT – Quit using and inhaling tobacco. We can help you choose the right products to help ease you through the process. Read More >