We no longer have a walk-in clinic.

The following listed clinics are free to Ontario Health Card holders and for a fee to visitors to the province.

Patients should always use their existing doctor when that is an available option, or they risk being derostered from that medical facility in Ontario.

Rocket Doctor can be booked online at https://rocketdoctor.ca/ or by phone 867-670-2273

Telemed MD can be booked online at https://telemedmd.ca/ or by phone 888-350-2323

Dial A Doc can be booked online at https://dialadoc.ca/         or by phone 416-551-7606

Tulip Health can be booked online at https://tuliphealth.ca/ or by phone 647-326-4285

Virtual Clinics can be booked online at https://virtualclinics.ca/ (no phone option)

Cover Health can be booked online at https://cover.health/ (no phone option)

Fitwellhub can be booked online at https://ca.fitwellhub.com/ or email admin@fitwellhub.com

Go To Doctor can be booked online at https://gotodoctor.ca/guardian-ida-remedy/ or by phone 833-820-8800 or 905-707-7309

Tia Health **  can be booked online at https://tiahealth.com/guardian-ida-remedy.html (no phone option) **Please note: For former Dr Ashley White patients, she is a provider on this service so it may be a preference.