We offer a pharmacist assisted smoking cessation program


Your pharmacist can help you quit smoking. It doesn’t matter if you have tried and failed before. Each time you try to quit you learn something about the best way for you to quit smoking.
Your pharmacists will:

  • Help you figure out when and why you smoke.
  • Help you choose an appropriate smoking cessation aid.
  • Provide counselling and tools to help you quit.
  • Arrange a set number of meetings with you to do an initial assessment, pre-quit check in, quit date and then provide a certain number of followup sessions to help manage cravings, withdrawal symptoms and provide support.

Call 613-332-6700 to book an appointment with your pharmacist. Quitting smoking is the number one thing you can do to improve your health.


The cost of the program is $ 120.00. The cost of this program is covered by Ontario Drug Benefit for recipients of ODSP, Ontario
residents over 65 years of age, people registered with the Trillium Drug Program and for those with drug benefits through Ontario Works
Program includes at least 5 one-on-one sessions with the pharmacist:

  • one hour assessment session
  • 15 minute pre-quit day check-in
  • 15 minute QUIT day check-in
  • 30 minute 3 day post-quit
  • 15 minute 14 day follow-up
  • includes handouts and useful quitting information.


If you are not ready to commit to quitting or you feel that this program isn’t right for you, why not look over some self-help resources?
Health Canada
Health Canada has a solid collection of information on tobacco use and tobacco control in Canada, health facts and how to quit smoking. It Includes Health Canada’s “On the Road to Quitting” self-help program, free quit smoking daily e-mail messages, and “Quit4Life,” a program designed to help Canadians ages 12-18 quit smoking. www.gosmokefree.ca
Lung Association: Provides information and resources on how to quit and where to get support.  www.lung.ca
Canadian Cancer Society: Provides self-help resources for those thinking about and those not thinking about quitting.  www.cancer.ca

The pharmacy staff is here to help you when you are ready. Even if you don’t feel like you can quit now but are thinking about it, we can offer some helpful tips to get you started.
To manage cravings and triggers use the 4 D’s: Delay, Do Something Different, Drink Water, Deep Breathe.


    • Manage Cravings
      • Chew on a toothpick, gum – Drink water – Go for a walk
    • Stress Relief
      • Deep Breathe – Be physically active – Organize days to avoid tension especially around quit day
    • Environmental Control
      • Make smoke-free zones – Clean and deodorize your home – Put a picture of a loved one where you kept your cigarettes
    • Social Support
      • Remind friends and family that you are quitting and ask for their support – Give friends and family specific examples of how they can support you – Enlist a quitting buddy
    • Thought Management/Motivation
      • Write a note to yourself with all your reasons for quitting and read it during cravings – Reward yourself with the money you have saved
    • Socializing
      • Prepare and rehearse a standard line for refusing cigarettes