NHFP is now affiliated with Enhanced Care Clinics.

The Enhanced Care Walkin Clinic was opened to help patients away from home, or those without a family doctor, have access to routine medical care.

You are up at the cottage for the summer, you need a new prescription, one of your family has a minor ailment that can be dealt with without needing to go to the local hospital We can assist you with that.

The process is very simple, just call us to inquire, then fill out our online form to get an appointment, then we will invite you in to the clinic room from your car just ahead of their appointment time.

We offer prescription refills, and a virtual visit with a doctor.

Just click the link below, submit the form to us, and we will contact you with an appointment time.

Click Here To Book A Doctor

“caution: if you are currently rostered with a physician, visits to the walk-in clinic can deroster you from their practice”